Application Operations

Application Operations is an emerging technology management team that was formed to address a whole new set of performance management issues being driven by virtualization and the Cloud, increasing application diversity, and the agile development of custom applications.

Our team is responsible for the holistic performance and operation of all applications we provide to our customers. Our aim is to manage the response times of the entire application ecology and to closely monitor the performance of end-to-end transactions within the operational environment.

New services, architectures, protocols, interfaces and ways of doing business are constantly emerging. Rapid changes in application performance and operations management are being introduced by virtualization and the Cloud. More complexity also means more IT stakeholders are involved, making coordination and operational efficiency more challenging.

Our team is mostly focused on:

Conducting on-going discovery and monitoring of all application behavior within the operations environment
Measuring all application performance with respect to response times and end-user experience
Responding faster to degradation issues through coordinated interaction with the IT teams directly responsible for the various aspects of the application production environment