GST (Goods and Services Tax) introduced in India from 1st July 2017, is the most pragmatic and transformative tax reforms in the history of independent India. GST is a comprehensive single indirect tax. It subsumes most of the other Central and State taxes. GST is levied on the final consumption (destination based taxation) and is expected to increase the tax base while establishing a common market across the country. While this initiative marks the journey of greater compliance and transparency, it also brings on the challenges of accurate calculations and timely submission. In order to meet the needs of business to comply with the GST requirements, a combination of domain knowledge with ability to handle the specifics related to multiple sectors and technology is required. Minerva Technology Solutions Limited (MTSL) is an approved ASP (Application Service Provider) authorized to work through GSPs (GST Suvidha Providers) to assist businesses in creating, processing and submitting GST related data.

eGSTPROTM is an integrated solution built to deliver end-to-end support in GST compliance and enable businesses expedite processing of transactions, reconcile, ensure accurate credits and timely submission.

Generate & Manage E-invoice with eGSTPRO

  • Easily generate E-Invoices from ERP - Oracle, Microsoft, SAP or any other accounting platform/ eGSTPRO portal
  • Multiple ways to generate E-invoice with eGSTPRO
  • GST Consulting & Reconciliation with eGSTPRO
  • Ensure 100% compliance

Process Flow of E- invoice

Process for E- invoice

  • E-invoice Data will be sent govt. portal and in return an IRN will be provided.
  • IRN and QR code provided by govt. /IRP will have to be printed on the E-invoice
  • E-invoice once authenticated with Government will be shared with recipient if mail id is provided in the E-invoice
  • ANX-1, ANX-2 & PART-A of E-Way bill will be auto-populated

Modes of Generating E-invoice

  • API Based
  • Mobile Based
  • Offline Tool Based
  • GSP Based
  • Web Based